To the guy fucking the hooker or watching porn in the hotel room

To the guy fucking the hooker or watching porn in the hotel room next to me:


  1. Can you please keep it down.  I work in the morning and really need to get some sleep.
  2. It sounds like she is really enjoying you.  Keep it up but keep it down. 
  3. I assume if this is a live woman it is not your wife.  Married couples do not fuck like this.  This could be a bar hook up but I doubt it.  This woman is definitely a pro.  If I am wrong please apologize on my behalf.
  4. You have some serious stamina.  How in the world can you last with the screaming?  It is very erotic.  There are drugs that might help but this is hot.
  5. I have never had a woman tell me to cum on her face.  Where did you find this lady and does she have a sister?
  6. I can only jerk off once to a woman screaming, after that it is annoying.  Can you finish quicker next time.
  7. This is really a long time.  Do you have an exercise you can recommend for longevity?
  8. I have been with women who have multiple orgasms.  Not a single one has ever screamed as long as your lady has.  I think my cock size is adequate to large or at least that is what I have been told.  Are you working in some other move I haven’t heard about?  Is there a second dude in the mix?  That wouldn’t work with me but it would explain all the noise. 
  9. The bumping I heard – was that her head to the wall or you jacking it and rocking the bed.  I am a little concerned for her safety.  I will be looking for a bruised forehead during breakfast tomorrow.  It will be nice to put a face with the moans.
  10. If she is a hooker did you get the condom or did she.  This is an assumption on my part.  You really have to be careful nowadays and I hope you are taking proper precautions.
  11. If you did cum on her did you rip the condom off at the last second or was she just saying that to get you off?
  12. Did she let you kiss her or was that off limits like Pretty Woman.
  13. I assume you paid with cash.  Are there other ways?  Could you barter for services or other goods.
  14. How do you know you aren’t going to get robbed.  That seems like a very legitimate fear.  If she came in with a gun she could take the cash and you couldn’t do anything.  Um…. front desk/security there is a high heeled whore dashing through the lobby.  She has 2 hundred in her bra and I want it back.
  15. Do you call the hooker from your cell when you make the appointment or do you use another line.  I am worried I may get the call back at an inopportune time.
  16. I think you are wrapping up.  Assuming you were able to shoot your goo all over her face: 
    1. How long will she wear it.  I assume it gets cold and runny pretty quick.
    2. Do you get her something to clean up with.  What works best.
    3. If she can’t get it out do you insist she take a shower.
    4. I can’t seem to shoot as far as I used to.  I think my diet has changed a little and I am definitely a little older.  Is there a diet you stick to that makes your lady really want your goo on her face.  And is it just on her face or does she want it in her mouth.  Does she open her mouth so you can aim at something.  If some gets in does she freak out.


  1. If it is porn which one is it (I will have to check it out next time I stay here):
    1. Swinger Wives - Possible
    2. British Hardcore – The accent I am hearing is definitely Texas or Southern
    3. Dirty Sex – It definitely sounds dirty
    4. Dark City – The woman doesn’t sound black.  I could be wrong.
    5. Sex, Sex, Sex – Could be
    6. Hot Summer Sex – It is close enough
    7. Screw My Mom and Me – I only hear one woman but the other could be busy
    8. My Neighbors Daughter – Sounds a little older and I would like to think better of you and your decisions
    9. Cheating Housewives – could be
    10. Just Blow Me – If that is all she does this ain’t it.
    11. Lots of Filthy Sex – it sounds that way
    12. Phat Black Ass – Again I don’t think so.
  2. Most of the movies are at least $13.  I would hate to make a wrong decision and value your opinion. 
  3. Can you keep the charge off your room bill.
  4. It definitely does not say what you are renting on the bill right?  They must know though.  New releases are $10.99.  How do you hide your embarrassment the next day.  The girl that checked me in was cute.  That will be really bad.
  5.  If you only watch 5 minutes can you pay for a portion of the rental.  I can really work within a timeline if needed.


Any responses would be appreciated. 


Thanks.  Room 430

Uploaded 06/06/2008
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