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Caption Contest. Damnitall!


I won caption contest #37.

I was voted on for the best caption by the Ebaums users. I was the best. The description said I would be getting $50 bucks. Well Its been a long ass time and i still havnt gotten an E-mail, letter, call, or anything from Ebaums.


I understand that loading recycled web material is hard work and they cant always get to things in time. But damnit ive been more than patient. If they replied to even one of my emails saying "we will pay you soon, or on such and such date" then it would be cool. But im being ignored alltogether.


Just my luck people will read this blog and they will vote for it and i'll supposedly win another $50 and never see it. That would piss me off and make me laugh at the same time. lol.


Well I just want a damn answer. Is that too much?



MexiRedneck Uploaded 06/11/2008
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