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One Stall Only


I went to this wrestling tournament in vallejo where there was hundreds of people in attendance. This school that the tournament was held at had only two bathrooms. Each had one stall. The first bathroom had like 30 people waiting and the other bathroom had 5. This tournament was about 10 hours long, so at one point I'd have to go to the bathroom. Fortunately, I had to take a shit early in the day, so I went to the bathroom that had 5 people in line.  One black kid took 45 minutes to take a shit, and his friends kept running into the bathroom, and jumping and putting their cell phones over the stall wall and took pictures and kept laughing. So we waited and waited and finally, it was my turn. I don't know how much longer I could have waited. Anyway, so I go into the stall, shut the door, and put one of the seat covers over the seat. This causes me to look into the toilet. I see shit with tp over shit with tp; quite a few layers. I realize it'll only be a few more shits before this toilet is full with shit. I look in again and I see what the last person has landed. I feel kinda queasy, but I have go, so I do my business and try to flush the toilet (even though I know by this time it doesn't work) and it flushes and water starts pouring out of the toilet. I run out of the stall yelling "SHIT IN THE HOLE, SHIT IN THE HOLE!" As everyone scrambles out of the bathroom as the toilet overflows, some of the shit came out too and went all over the floor. As soon as I get out of the bathroom, I ask myself how I could be such an idiot. All I can say now is that I feel sorry for the janitor of this school.




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