Pastes, stop them!

I've a simple request.

Instead of scowering the net for jokes or "funny" short stories, and then pasting them into your blog here on eBaum's World, would you please just direct that effort into writing a real blog entry?  I'm forced to read things like Lolita's blog, simply because it is at least original.

If I want to read your joke or short story, I promise you I will use the Jokes section of eBaum's World.

But perhaps there is something wrong with the blogs that prevents you from posting original content for whatever reason?  If that's the case, leave some comments with suggestions for improvements.

Regardless, you've much more chance of being featured and rated up if your blog entries are original.  I don't go to blogger, wordpress,, etc. and find people pasting whatever the hell they stumbled upon, unless of course they're blogging about a particular subject.

The bottom line is that if you're in it purely for erep points, you'll find many more erep points await good blogs than pastes, I assure you.

Thanks in advance!

Uploaded 06/11/2008
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