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Anti-Matter, where are you?


I don't know much about anti matter....Actually I just found out yesterday that we don't have any.Supposidly in the beginning of time we had an equal amount of matter and antimatter thus creating the big bang or atleast it had something to do with it.See i dont know a damn thing about it.I was just involved in a conversation about traveling in time and how this man is building a time machine, using a black hole.If we had antimatter he could use it to travel in time somehow.In angels & Demons, the professor guy that was killed in the beginning had antimatter. I was told that if we had it today, we wouldnt need electricity.Antimatter would be our lights and it would be free.So how do we get it? Where did it go? What the fuck is it? How do we know what it is? How do we know it's ever existed? How do we know we don;t have any? What are we doing?

weent420 Uploaded 06/12/2008
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