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cigarette warnings


Why is it that only cigarette packs have warning signs on them? Are they even necessary? I know cigarettes are bad for you, but I smoke anyway.  why?  cause I enjoy it!  It's one of the few things that brings me pleasure.  My question is why doesn't McDonald's put warning labels on their big macs saying that it can cause heart attacks?  or Dariy Queen put warning labels on their ice cream saying it can lead to diabetes?  What about alcahol?  it can fuck your liver, but no pressure to put warning labels on a six pack!


I realise that smoking is bad and I can get cancer and allthat jazz, but look around you....m ost of the indulgences of life are bad too! and until all the above companies have to put warning labels on their products, and non smokers stop preeching to me with a mouth full of curly fries, I say fuck these over politcly correct yuppies and their constant guilt trips!  They're all a bunch of fucking hypocrates!

Starkweather Uploaded 06/12/2008
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