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After hearing reports about the NBA firing certain referees for taking bribes from gamblers and other people to alter the outcome of key games, this made think that if this was discovered in the NBA, then other sports can have this problem also.  This especially happens now in the NBA Finals.  For example, in the Euro Cup 2008, several commentators and soccer analysts have accused referees of not making consistent foul calls when they should be made.  They also mentioned that referees started to be more strict in their foul judgment well into the Euro Cup instead of starting at the first game.  Part of the problem is that the referees are giving too much power and influence in the game itself.  Also, teams with a dispute in a foul call don't have the chance to review the play to see if the referee made a mistake.  I feel that some referees aren't always completely unbiased and that some of them favor certain teams over others.  Because of speculated fixed games, this made me lose some faith in the authenticity of the games.  Watching these games aren't as exciting now.  However, I understand that sometimes a referee makes a bad call because maybe they didn't have a good look at the play and no one's perfect.  I feel that most of the time, the fans make better judgments than the referees themselves.

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