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MY so called 'best friend" her name is slut face slut whos is a slut . This girl LoL sees me crying and she give me a pity hug shes trys to act like were cool when my boyfriend dumped me yada yada yada ... I saw this bitch today giving him a hug all acting cool with him LMFAO.. I didnt know wat 2 do ..I wanted to kill you right there ..I cant take her shit anymore SLUT then she calls me a "stupid slut and iam jealous of my sis (yeah i admit iam jealous so FUCK !! everyone already knows ill tell her to her face !! can you tell me to my face ? no you cant cause your fake!!!!) and that bitch told my dad that i am always on the computer watching porn LMAO LIar all i do is chat , write blogs , and hit up YOUTUBE Videos thats all DUMB UGLY HORR is that all you got BITCH iam wayyy sexier than you i can get any guy i want <(overexaggerating) ..WTF you wiegh like 75 pounds you toothpick bitch ... you have a big nose you loook like Pinocchio .. now shes trying to ignore me.. i got one word for you WHATEVER! FUCKING SLUT

angie111 Uploaded 06/18/2008
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