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aliens VS God


right this bugs the hell out of me... people believe in god, an almighty being with supernatural powers who created the world from nothing, in 7 days and made a woman from a mans rib. some people believe that crap and then they dont believe in aliens??!
how can u not believe in aliens? i mean think about it. our galaxy alone is 100 million lightyears big, there are billions of galaxies in the universe with trillions of planets. r u telling me that we are the only planet out of trillions of planets with life? theres gotta be another planet somehwere in the universe thats similar to ours.
i believe that aliens are real but im sceptical about God and heaven and hell.
just thought i would say

wat are your views on this?

and btw, i dont wish to offend anybody, im just giving my personal opinion.

the_egg Uploaded 06/19/2008
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