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Grounded rules and stipulations, miss guided cause and effect, the wheels of justice keep on turning, logic is there option that's a proven fact.
So stand up, sit back, watch for others, penalty backed by do not enter, late fee charged return to sender, one way street notify you adminiastrator.
In case of fire this way up, no right on red and remain seated, contact your physician never exceed dosage.
No smoking here stay ten feet back, no littering or loitering just keep off the grass. No shirt, no shoes, no improper glass container, may not proceed without two forms of proper indentification.
Beyond this point employees only, must be over  twenty-one for consoling, must comply with C-2 zoning.
Speed is monitored by detection devices, no parking anytime, dial nine-one-one in case of crises.
Just say no, dare to resist drugs and violence, look twice to save a life, but no fishing or camp fires.
You don't have to go home and the only thing to fear is fear itself, unknown testing is in progress, but you can't stay here.

metailmonkey Uploaded 06/24/2008
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