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why I love Canada


why I love the great country of Canada

1. we don't get into retarded wars with countries for no apprent reasons, thats right we didn't go to war with Iraq because they had no Nuclear weapons, and also we didn't feel like going to war because Bush's daddy went to war too.

2. we are still fighting in Afganistan where OSAMA BIN LADIN, and the Taliban who are the ones who comited 9/11, and yesI know the conspircy theories, but they claimed they did them, and also he warned of them

3. FREE HEALTH CARE, nuff said

4. our leaders don't tell us to fear Muslims, infact, we embrass them, there better then most Christians.

5. no social conservatives, who all they care about is that everyone is heterosexual, I have gay friends, THEY LIKE IT

now I'm not saying everything is good with Canada, were too soft on you yankees cause our prime ministers wont call your bluffs, but eventually we will, and cut off 40% of your oil supply :D

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