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How do you know if your a faggot?


1. When you masturbate, you find yourself fantasizing about having sex with people of the same gender and frequently cannot climax unless you are. You will often fantasize about people you know or people you have met or seen recently.

2. When ordering clothes through a mail order catalog, your choice of apparel will often be determined on how sexy the model looks wearing the item.

3. You will buy underwear that is fashionable and sexy because when you are at the gym you want people to look at you and admire you.

4. When your attention wanders whilst sat in a pubic place, unconsciously you'll find your eyes are drawn to someone you are physically attracted to or aspects of their appearance such as face, hair, eyes, legs, breasts or buttocks.

5. You will do a double take when you spot a picture with a half naked person of the same gender from the corner of your eye.

6. When watching television with company, you will feel embarrassed by nudity and scenes of same gender kissing or tenderness. You will try to look at the people you are with out of the corner of your eye to see if they are also looking at you!

7. You have sucked penis before, and you are a man.



There you go! If you fall under any of these then get off my blog.

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