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ima lil kid deal with it transformers 2 movie


    hi my name is mecso and ive been a ebaums world user scince the begining. just recently have i thought hey wait i caould make an acount so i did and now im writing a news blog for transformers the second movie

    the movie is officially called transformers 2:revenge of the fallen and so far they confirmed the leaked images of the new soundwave which is a balkan mk6 a army sound wave emiting armourd truck and as far as i know both hummer models h3 and hx are going to be in the film.

    alot of the same cast members plus a whole bunch more where added like shia labeouf , megan fox ,peter cullen,......................theres alot more news just leve a coment asking what you want to know and ill find out



mecso Uploaded 06/26/2008
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