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I'm Afraid


I'm afraid that there's no one out there for me.

I'm afraid that no one, not even my family, will ever love me.

I'm afraid that all of my friends will forget me.

Above all, I'm afraid of what people think about me.

Truthfull, I don't know why I'm submitting this on eBaums, I know I'm gonna get a lot of shit for this.

Maybe it was that postsecret thing made me emo for a while.

Sometimes I think I spend too much time playing video games so I can get away from the world.

I spend too much time on eBaumsworld trying to get featured. Why? I've never thought about it seriously before this very moment. Maybe people in the eBaum community will respect me?


I'm jealous that I'm not as good a writer as Matt Maiorano.

I'm upset that every band I've ever started has kicked me out.

I'm upset that I cant get signed for my solo acoustic work.


Bring on the Flaming.

sparks158 Uploaded 07/06/2008
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