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hey people, im new to this site and was just looking though some of the past blogs. there was a big e-war between americans and brits not long ago, sparked by someone called asianguy or somthing. now he was clearly universially thought of as a dickhead, but i just wanted to know, what do the americans really think of us? ive lived in miami for a while (because of my mothers un-healthy obsession with getting married with people from different contries. no seriously, its like her 6th time. slut.) and i loved it- the people were great and none of the american stereotypes were real. i did miss my homeland (bristol, england) but thanks to another divorce we moved back here.

i would love to visit amaerica again, and its probably because its so much like england (but with much, much better weather) but what do americand think of us brits?

Durcs Uploaded 07/06/2008
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