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So theres this girl ....


... and I like her, but i dont know when and if I should ask her out. I dont really talk to her much at school because I just dont know what to say. I try and say Hi but never really get the chance. shes always around her friends so I could never just walk over and have a talk and I'm not in any of her lessons so i cant hardly ever talk to her but when i do i talk to her on msn and stuff and we get along and i'm sweet to her so we are pretty good friends. she likes me a little bit but ive never asked her out so i dont know excatly how much she like me. I just dont know what to do from here. I am shy so I couldnt just go up and talk to her. I'm stuck with what I should do next. any help would be appreciated allot.


england14 Uploaded 07/07/2008
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