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Im Atheist why does everyone make a big deal.


why does everyone make such a big deal of me being atheist. my girl that i just started talking to is tripping ballls over it. and it being a total bitch about it and keeps ?ing me about it. i dunno wtf to say about anything she asks. if thats not bad enough my whole family doesnt know and one day i jokingly told my mom that i was atheist and she flipped out on me and so i have to lie to everyone about it. i mean its bad enough that if i tell anyone in my family that i am atheist ill be kicked outta my house and have no where to go. im just 17 and im sure i could make things fine on my own but i just need some help about all of this. someone please help me for real i have kept this a secret all my life and its killing me!

Phuck_eBaum Uploaded 07/09/2008
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