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Hey Everyone, This is my first blog entry.

Well a few day's ago I gave my so called "friend" Shawn Cook my nexopia password so he could redo my page. That same night me and my other so called "friend" Amanda Harris had a fight. I said nothing rude to her but she just totally lost it. She thinks she has Multiple Personality Disorder. I tryed to tell her she does not have it, she freaked out and got her friend Ali into it. They started swearing at me calling me shit. Today I found out that she hacked my account On nex. It said i was a lex, i have HIV I like to eat girls out, which is a total lie. Well if you wanna give her shit or just bugg her her nexopia is gangter-14 and if you want tot talk to me and see the pictures of my nex after she re did my page you can ask me on nex. My nex is MacCheese.

Well thanks for reading.... oh by the way shawns nexopia is saon42 bug the hell out of both of them. They deserve it.

MacCheese Uploaded 07/09/2008
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