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Gas Prices Scam


So, like the great person that I am, I watch some of the Yahoo! News videos/read the articles.  A video that I watched a little bit ago was about this bait & switch scam with gas prices.  Apparantly, the stations (not all, but quite a few around the country) mark the prices that you would need to pay using CASH.  If you intend on paying with a credit card, then, since there is a fee that is charged to the station for the transaction, many have decided to raise CREDIT CARD PURCHASED gas prices from about $.08 to $.50 PER GALLON.  Another reason they have the CASH prices lower is because it forces people to go inside to pay, and many will then purchase other things (drinks, food, dirty magazines, etc.)  Personally, I think this is ridiculous, and I though I'd share this stupidity with the Ebaums community, since I love you all so much.

Any thoughts/opinions as well?

meeko24 Uploaded 07/09/2008
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