The Kevin Bacon Internet Porn Site Game

The Rules:

1. Start at a website designed for young children.

2. Using ONLY THE MOUSE, navigate the web until you find porn or nudity (non-medical).
3. Right clicking and pasting something you had written before into a search box is considered cheating.

4. Your steps must be reproducable and verifiable.

That's bascially it! See how few steps you can do it in. Here are the results of my first successful attempt:

Starting point: (PBS Kids Sprout Television Network Kids Site)

1. Click on "About Sprout"

2. Click on the Huggies Ad. This will take you to a page warning you that you are about to leave the Sprout Website, but you don't have to click anything here to get off the page! It will redirect you if you just wait.

3. Scroll to the bottom of the Huggies Website and select "Editorial Partners"

4. Select the link to ""

5. From the left menu of, select "Love, Sex, and Marriage"

6. Select the "sex" subcategory.

7. Click on the article "Ten tips for better sex"

8. has context sensitive advertising. Wait for the ads to load and then mouse over the word "love" which will offer you a link to

9. Click on the google ad for Asian Singles

10. Click on the link for "Meet Local Women For Sex"

11. Select the link for ""

12. Click on the link for "sex parties". There will be a picture of a woman's boob getting groped. Disco!

Uploaded 07/11/2008
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