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Protecting us from ourselves


Those words are the basis for certain laws in our country. To name two helmet and seatbelt laws. There are plenty more. My reason for writing this is to see if anyone sees how stupid these laws are and how it is a slippery slope. I believe that this country was based off the freedom. I think freedom should be allowing everyone to do absolutly anything they want as long as it does not affect other people in a negative way. But now the government is making laws that force us to do things that they think is best for us and in the mean time taking away our freedoms. Now if we let the government do this can you not see a near future where people are not allowed to smoke even in an empty room or a distant future where fatty foods are outlawed becuase they government thinks that they are bad for us.

Well that's my two cents.

ibleepurple Uploaded 07/13/2008
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