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Hey everyone, today my blog's about lieing.

It seem's theses day's everyone lies. Old, young, short, tall, dumb, smart, everyone seem's to lie, and I have to ask why. What make's people lie? Is it the fear of being punished, or is lieing so common that it is now embedded in our minds, being used as a natural instinct? People know what the consequences of lieing are, lieing, in most cases ends you up in more shit then you would have gotten if you had spilled the truth when asked. So I have a few questions, you can anwser in the comment's bleow if you like,

1. Why lie, what motivates people to lie?

2. What it it that it is so hard for people now a day's to tell the truth, even about the smallest things?

3. Why do we still lie even though we know the concequences of someone finding out?

4. Is the saying, "once a liar, alway's a liar" true?


Well that's it, feel free to share your anwsers below. Please no rude comments.

Thankyou :D


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MacCheese Uploaded 07/13/2008
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