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So whats new?


I got an invite for a group called "The Bloggers"  I joined it!!  I am thinking that its acually a good idea, so for whoever started the group, becaues I don't remember the name kudo's to you!! 

So I was in Georgia this past week, I was invited to play music in Atlanta so yeah it was a good time, my wife and I went and made it into our vacation!!  We acually went to the Georgia Aquarium and I was going to swim with the Whale Sharks, because they let you there, but it cost $300.00 and I definatly didn't want to pay that much to swim with them, but those things were freaking HUGE!!  I thought it was very very cool to see these things though.

Well I say thats probably about it, I haven't wrote one of these things in a while so I thought I would put my "Proverbial" 2 Cents in yeah have a great day!

ADLife Uploaded 07/17/2008
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