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Do you ever get annoyed?


So I worked 16 hours last night...from 8am till midnight and yeah first off thats annoying all in its self, but then to come in this morning and relieve one of the most annoying guys on the planet, it made my blood boil, I wanted to just tell him to shut up...cause all he does is talk talk talk talk...

bad thing about it is he can't take hints you have to tell him to shut up or he'll keep talking lol this isn't a laughing matter as in yeah its funny its a laughing matter as in when I think about it and laugh I am clinching my fist up wanting to hit him in the face....I shouldn't be that way cause thats not what I stand for, but I know everyone has been in that place before right?

I guess thats one good thing about blogging, you get your fustrations out lol

ADLife Uploaded 07/18/2008
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