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you ARE the father


God, I hate Maury. I want to slam my head into the wall every time it was on. When I was younger, I would watch it because nothing else was on.


They always have some fat, stupid ass whore on the show. She's always crying or angry about who beez the babys daddy. The title of the show is always something like, "I slept with 20 men! Who is the father?" Then when one man comes out, she always says "I'm 300% sure that he is my babys daddy!". Then she's proven wrong and the man gets up and dances around the stage, happy he doesn't have to be with the fat whore and he succeeded in getting some pussy. You know when he calls again, the girl will put out.


Anyway, no one ever thinks about the child. It's always sitting somewhere back stage, staring out of the big screen. It's always the UGLIEST babies on there too, notice that?

God I hate that show.

Adraline Uploaded 07/18/2008
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