Ok theres a lot of thoughts going into this upcoming election. Personally, I am an independent. I don't really follow a set side ( Republican/Democrat) I just look at the people running. Now im to young to vote but the topic still interests me because i feel knowing how other people see life will help my own views become clearer. Apparently it has come down to Obama Vs. John Mcain ( spelling? srry ) and all of my friends feel that the way Obama speaks is very moving and uplifting. Now I always thought that the people running have people that write their speeches so...... doesnt that mean Obama just has better speech writers? I'm not sure on all of the facts regarding that though.

Anyway my mom doesnt let me know who shes voting for and my dad is one of those people who refuses to vote when he dislikes both candidates. If it doesnt offend you explaining your views on this election I would greatly appreciate seeing both sides of the election. Also, if you have any information that you would like to  say about either candidates pls do.

Pls try and keep an open mind to everyone's opinions. ( thanks! )


Stay Safe <3

Uploaded 07/19/2008
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