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are you smarter then a fifth grader meditations on what our sch


having watched that show with jeff foxworthy, where these college students and adults of various types compete to answer questions asked of grade school children. it was funny at first, but it struck me strangely, what the hell is our school system for? If adults don't carry the knowledge they picked up in school out of school, then why do we stilleducate children after the first ten years? It occured to me after awhile the disater it would cause to unleash everyone from age ten to eighteen on the job market. the competition is bad enough, and there's a significant market that depends on teenagers to buy useless things they wouldn't be purchasing if they had to pay for rent and food. this led me to realize what our schools are for. they're just a prison to contain the youth so they don't enter the job market and throw off all the adults.

vetisthewicked Uploaded 07/19/2008
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