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LSD and the big pink tv set.


Tripping. Tripping. Tripping.


Purple, blue, green and bagels. Sitting on the chair of a wizards throne room eating 7 meals a day food galoo. Whoo hooo.


Tripping. Tripping. Tripping.


I just cut my legs into tiny pieces. Now my hands. and now I have a lemon helping me. He is also peeling oranges. He says he likes the peels. Does he? I don't. Do you? He just said he does...




Go go godzilla.


Urhh. Beatles. Yellow submarine? Why yellow? Why can't it be green? Oh thats right. Because grass is green. They stole the color. Ehhhhhhhh. Grass. DIE.


I just saw a mummy walk through the kitchen, he turned to me and asked for tartar sauce. My laptop can't hold enough smiles. Can yours? I need a smileydrive. Im gonna go listen to Pink Floyd and continuing chatting with the lime. He has a bruise. I tasted his blood. Taste good. Maybe I'll eat him. Pink Floyd is awesome. Welcome to Machine. Why did the lime





Keyboard is tweaking me out. It keeps arguing with me. I don't like it


I lost my "e" key. DAMMIT. The purple one would be better anyways.

I like downtown chicago

looks like heaven from my window 72 stories up. im gonna go walk on the balcony bye.

DropDThunder Uploaded 07/28/2008
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