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Traveling The Country- Update 1


Well as some of you know I am on a cross-country roadtrip(i have my laptop), I stopped overnight to see some grandparents and i'm getting ready to get back on the road. (I'm currently traveling through Illinois). Well to the point of this blog.....

If you have never traveled across the country, you are missing out big time, the landscape of our Country and States is amazing, it makes you even more proud to be an American, a free person. There is so much to this country that goes unnoticed and it is actually sad. Driving for hundreds of miles on country plains and being able to see for over 50+ miles in every direction, with nothing blocking your view, truely amazing. The awesome beauty of our Valleys and mountains, countless rivers and streams with crystal clear water.

Again i must say you are truely missing out on life. So take a week or two off work, gas your car up and travel the country, atleast once before your life passes you, get away from the stress of life and it will be truely the most amazing experience you can have.


My next stop I will hop back on here with updates about my little journey.





Eastside_Dave Uploaded 11/26/2008
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