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its 2am and i have come to the ultimate conclusion that i am a fucking badass. i have no real reason to come to that conclusion other than the fact that i think i am. whos gonna tell me im not? YOU? fuck you. i hate you. i have doodie with a higher IQ than you. my sperm has created life. two humans sprang from my loins and they are badasses too. i am recruiting neighborhood children to join my "badass club" because their biological parents are lacking badassness. i will have a legion of badass children following me to and fro clearing out shitstains and douschebags alike. and when these man-boys mature, they will rule the countryside with bats and chains and those little poppy things you throw at peoples feet! i will feed said man-children only cratine and redline energy drinks to make them freakishly strong and they wont need sleep. go ahead and bow now brown cow, for the onslaught of the freakishly strong insomniac man-boys with bats and chains and little poppy things will comence at my lead! heed this warning and give me my eRep points thus!

AWFULJACKASS Uploaded 11/28/2008
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