The Next BIG Question of the day..*Update*

So you wake up naked in the bathroom of a local intermediate school ,what do you do????


I would personaly metal gear it, and go all stealth and hidey n shit. If I am seen I would crack the spine of the bastards....That includes children i would have to kill them as well. We cant pick favorites murder is murder.... fucking hippies....



Remember Be creative focus your abilitys at being fucked up...Oh maybe you could grab and skin a teacher and walk the halls in a human suit. Maybe complete the persons classes while disquised as him....That would be neat i guess... Maybe you could flood the bathroom and ride the tidal out to the street. You got the idea Go nuts!



Matt leader of the zombies and housewives and bluenote#...jk...not. lol i snuck that in there



Best answer gets a huge cookie.....

Matt the leader of the zombies and house wives and small rodents.(thats you blue)jk..Not!!

Also whynot is the guy to beat......I would have but  am a judge......

Uploaded 11/28/2008
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