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First of all look at this bitches submissions..... She provides nothing to this site but crap prince williams penis i dont want to see that gay crap...., she makes me want to vomit with her shit her comments she thinks she is tough shit,..... I saw her picture in the user gallery she is a whore and an ugly one at that. I wonder if she is even worthy to be called a cumdumpster..... she probably lives off welfare. thats right i said it welfare....i pay for you to live cunt. Take you drugg addicted baby and fuck off... you should not even be allowed to be on this site..... you should be IP banned for life. she is a cum bubble and should not be on ebaums and taking care of her kid. but she is probably in the corner fixing her next fix. blow me hard bitych. and fuck you to all

URAPEENESS Uploaded 11/29/2008
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