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my rabbit had a baby last month only 1 didnt survive soooo sad go to her cage pick her up she pees on the floor I see blood so I figure Ill check her cage she if shes bleeding or sumthing. theres the cutest baby rabbit still in its sack and everything unfourtunatley its not moving. So i run into the house and scream at my mom Edgar had a baby....(i love the name even though its a girl) she calls the vet we bring in the baby and the mom now we find out we may have more babies coming because they can hold sperm DAMN THEY CAN HOLD SPERM WTF? I TOTALLY DIDNT KNOW THAT


also they can

  • abort there precnacy while the baby is stil inside and it will be reobsorbed
  • of course hold sperm
  • and women hump women which i dont get but my two females hump all day
  • they can hump the wrong way wtf? we are humping the front now?
  • the bite when they hump cause big gashes (happened to one of my females)
  • they not only hump rabbits they also hump balls


good god rabbits are sex machines.....


anyway thought i would bring utter randomness to your lifes bye.

dontmesswithmeh Uploaded 11/30/2008
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