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Marijuana A gateway drug


    Now dont get me wrong, I personally love pot. But one thing that I heard a lot before I started smoking was that it was a gateway drug, often times I disregarded this because I knew that I would not do any other drugs (but maybe shrooms) and due to lack of solid evidence. For the first couple of months of smoking I ran into no other drugs than pot, but last night I went to a friends house and a dude that I know was there, and so was my friend.

     So we were waiting on the callback from a dealer and I noticed that they were acting funny, I couldn't quite put my finger on it but they were just acting a way I had never seen them act before. Then I saw them motion and mouth words to each other and the dude that I knew told me to go the bathroom and close the door. I figured that I was about to get mugged or something (this guy doesn't have a good track record) so I was preparing for a fight.

     When I got out of the bathroom they had a spoon out and were crushing up this white matter, putting into lines and snorting it.

"what the fuck is that man?"


"No it's not you don't have to grind up crack"

"Guess again"






"No, take this, *he handed me a tube that looked like a cigarette but it was metal and had a hole in it, making it a tube* and snort that line"

 "I'm not snortin' shit until I know what it is"

"Dude, It's just like a really heavy pain pill but it hits you faster. If you don't snort this your not getting any pot when it gets here"


Just then the phone rang and he picked it up. It was the dealer. He got all excited and was like "Dude just go home I'll catch up with you later"

Then I heard him on the phone in there as I left and he said something along the lines of

"No we don't have that but we got some dust"


I just wanted to share my personal experience and show that pot truly can be a gateway drug. I came and inch from having to snort PCP and had to watch people snort that drug. What would you do in situation like that? I might write more if you guys want me to.

re4manonline Uploaded 12/01/2008
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