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Was I Just e-Violated?!?


So a funny thing happened when I logged on a few minutes ago. After signing in as usual, the screen all of a sudden started filling with multiple windows of ebaums. It got to about seventeen before I panicked and pulled the modem from my computer. I even had to hard shut-down the computer because nothing was responding properly.


Was I just hacked or something?? Nothing in my vast knowledge of information has anything to do with computer hacking know-how. I did previously have a lot of windows open for research prior to taking a break with ebaums...maybe that had something to do with it. I remember Bo saying he was hacked, and it scared the piss out of me when this started happening.


So what the shit happened? Anyone know? Any ideas?


Thanks for helping,

-The Big Bad

the_big_bad Uploaded 12/03/2008
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