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Too Much X-Mas Music


I know this isn't much of an issue now, but it still ticks me off thinking about it.  Why do they insist on playing nothing but Christmas music two weeks BEFORE Thanksgiving?  I can understand after the fact, but to hear to two months prior to Christmas is basically torture...plain ol' fucking torture.  If anyone else is in agreeance with me on this, then I am glad to share the same pain as you.  If you are one of the fruits out there who love Christmas music year long, then good for you; however, please buy a fucking CD and listen to it instead of conning the radio stations into playing that shitty music over and over again.  It would be different if there were many different songs, but there are literally about 25 different Christmas songs sung about 100 different ways each.  It gets very fucking old very fucking quick.  I'm not a hater of Christmas, or even Christmas music, but too much is too much.

SuperSpy Uploaded 12/03/2008
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