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I hate people on motorcycles


If you own a motorcycle: you're a douche. I'm so incredibly tired of people on motorcycles thinking that because they are not in a car, they don't have to follow basic fucking traffic laws.  "Hey I have a motorcycle so I'm gonna ride your ass so fucking close that if you suddenly break you are gonna have my front wheel up your ass." or "Hey I have a motorcycle so I don't have to wait in line in at lights like everyone else.  I can just pull up next to cars and go to the very front, then drive away at 70mph because everyone needs to know how small my penis is and how loud and fast my motorcycle is." Seriously... You would think that because these people can potentially get detrimentally injured on a bike that they would be that much more cautious... but I guess that would involve some degree of common sense and/or intelligence.  Instead they fucking drive like cockstains... I hate life.

blessedhomicide Uploaded 12/04/2008
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