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I love how people post such hatefull things on the net instead of just ignoring it all and going outside to breath in the fresh air and get some skin on their pasty white skin. I love my computer and being online conversing with new and strange people( this means you blue). The day that i let something someone says online bother me i will voluntary take my own life becuase i know i have sunk to a level from which their is no return. I dont give a shit what anyone else thinks about me or what i do for it is my life and not theirs.  I smile when i see such idocy posted onto blogs from people who cant take such remarks. If you dont like what i say FUCK YOU! you sir or madam can go sit on a red hot poker and spin on it. I await posts wondering what people may say and like any and all imput. One other question pops up also, Why do 85% comments pertain to gay stuff when to lil man boys converse?

P.S. you are all SHMEG HEADS!!!

soulsucker269 Uploaded 12/07/2008
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