To Submit Porn, Or Not To Submit PornThat Is The Question

I have seem to come across a moral issue *HEHE* I dont have morals. No I have come to a stop as to if submitting porn is something wise to do.

I have seen people that have submitted oodles and oodles of porn, and I think it is overkill. I always try to submit porn that has some meaning. I know that sounds funny, but I will show you what I mean.

This video is funny, and it shows boobs. A double whammy in my book.


I submitted these two Erica Ellyson Nude Galleries because she is going to be part of a new reality show. The premise is the mom helps the son pick out the right girl or something. Classy.


Meghan Allen is going to be on the same Ryan Seacrest produced show that Erica Ellyson is on. So that is why I submitted a gallery of hernaked.


I threw this on the pages of EBW mature section because I thought the chick was stupid. So I though I could make fun of her via the title and description, while letting people enjoy her rackplus the guy filming is a Guido I am sure.

Cooking and boobs go together, unless your Mormon or something (no offense to Mormons)

This was a joke for UgDork when I was trying to prevent my granny from voting for Obama.


This is just what the description says


This shocked 900 poor souls


And the biggest success of my submitting porn on EBW is topless wii

The Deep throat video got 2,000 views...some of my non porn doesnt even get close to that. Submitting porn is just like peeing in the showerit is so easy and you dont have to think to hard about it. Most of the stuff in the mature section is shit that a 13 year old would find soft.

So for now I will not be a freak like others and submit porn on a daily basisplus I dont want to give up my shitIt is mineI can quit at any timenodont take away my lotion and dvd playerNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Uploaded 12/09/2008
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