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Tattoo me a relationship


I wrote this while getting my last tat... I was getting one I did myself when I was 13 covered up.


Take my body, through this pain, and love me single

Just the same.

Dawn your needles, stab me sweet steel, show me the pressure

Make me real.

Tattoo me a relationship, draw me a fantasy, paint me a memory

deliver me ecstasy.

Passion you promise, yet pain you deliver, a feeling of emptiness

Cry me a river.

Expectations abound, with faith we dive, Unsure of the outcome

On possibilities we thrive.

Tattoo me a love, but where none can see, unless I let them

Help release me.

The ink we are stuck with, committed I am, if it ends up a disaster

Cover it I can.

The love we can't force, to stay by our side, if it leaves us a wreck

Time heals our pride.

Hold me up close, steadily she draws, the image I'm after

Covering my flaws.

Tattoo me a lifetime, love me till death, draw me some passion

Till my Final Breath.


HunterDad Uploaded 12/09/2008
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