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Those Mormons!!!


First, I'm go to state what this blog is NOT.

This blog is NOT a discussion on whether you are atheist  or not. I know a lot of you are, I fully respect everyone's choices.

This blog is NOT to be in any way, a slander to other religions or lack thereof.�

This blog is NOT to argue about whether any of the LDS church's beliefs are true or not.


Well what I was going for was just to inform the good people of Ebaums about Mormons. Most people know OF Mormons. Have seen them around town riding their bikes, or been hassled at dinner when they knock on your door. These are the missionaries.

Actually, I'm way too lazy to explain the whole church in a blog..way too much to cover. So having been a Mormon for 20 years...I will answer all of your MATURE questions pertaining to Mormons in General. Please note, there are some things I can not, actually will not say. This has nothing to do with keeping some kind of super secret, but because, even though I have left the Mormon Faith, I still swore an oath not to. I can promise you they are not a Cult though...

So....ask away...anything...anything at all. Ignorance is NOT bliss.

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