Fucking Materialistic Bitches

As you can tell from my incredibly coherent and poignant title, Im sick of people who walk around with Hollister or Abercrombie plastered across their shapeless chests like human billboards. While Im sure most of you are sick of this, I just wanted to vent. If you don't honestly give a fuck, stop reading.

So Im still in high school and its pretty fucking awesome. I dont really do anything because I realized a long time ago that working in some office like everyone else on earth will never make me happy and I'd rather be poor and smiling than rich and crying. Ignorant. I know. Whatever.

The point is, as you all know, the high school social ladder is somewhat like a prison. You got the big fuckers, the football players, most of whom are preps. Im a pretty big kid, but Im not a brainless fucking prep, which is why I have been forced to deal with what I feel is an unfair amount of their bullshit.

Honestly, in posting this blog all I wanted to do was ask you guys something. Any of you, Im not gonna judge you because I talk to some of the preppy fucks as long as they show some signs of intelligence or at least attempt to. Does plastering the name of some big stupid fucking corporation across your chest make you feel better about yourself? Do 100 dollar jeans really fit better than the shit I wear? Im aware that as a wal-mart shopper I am feeding one of the biggest and most ridiculous corporations of them all, but I don't do it SPECIFICALLY to wear WAL MART across my chest, I do it because I have more important things to spend my fucking money on.

So what do you think? Am I just being a typical teenage fucktard, eager to rebel against anything just to be able to say I can? Or does this piss you guys off too?

Another point I'd like to make, no matter how small and miniscule it is, is that the fake socialist kids who wear Che t-shirts are possibly the most confounding of the material-whores. Do they not realize that the man plastered across their backs was the leader of a movement against exactly what they're buying into? Some big corporations is making money off of his picture. That'd probably piss him the FUCK off.

Sorry for wasting your time. Hopefully I get some intelligent responses. If you don't have one, shut the fuck up and go watch a video of a fat guy dancing in a leotard. You too tweedledick. Ive dealt with enough pathetic brainless kids today.

Uploaded 12/10/2008
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