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Dreading the Darkness


I sit in my car

Dreading the drive home

That lonely stretch of highway

of rows and rows of corn

I lose track of time

Stuck in a daze

My mind playing the same song

Over and over again

I smoke my last cigarette

As I drive past

A lone tree in the clearing

Still nothing for miles

Scared of dark

Scarred by the light

I feel nothing

Staring out into the ocean

Concentrating on the waves

Crashing into the shore

The white tips continuously rolling over

The sound is monotonous, yet soothing

I lay back in the sand

And close my eyes

As the sun fades behind the sea

I feel the pull

A continuous downward spiral

Being sucked down a black hole

I speak, nobody listens

I try to reach out for help

To hang on to the hands in front of me

But I do not have the strength anymore

The darkness envelopes me

As I am no more





ihategingers Uploaded 12/12/2008
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