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It's just a website!


NutGobbler... good try. But no.

I just had to post this as a public service announcement for the well-being of all, who use the internet, and this website, as a time-killer.

OK, this is CopyPasta, and CJ, I am sorry, and if it needs deleted... I understand.

The basic message is this:

If you spend 20 hours a day online, and the happenings at a website start to REALLY affect you, seek help.

It's just a website! It should mean nothing to you as a person in the real world! Get outside! Get a hobby, or a job, or, god willing, an intimate partner! Start writing, or building stuff.... ANYTHING!

Here is a PM that was sent out by nutgobbler to a ton of feature commenters when he got comment banned a few days ago...


HunterDad sent me this message today on his fake nutgobbler account. he got me banned for a week because of his doucheness. If you would, post his email to me as a comment.It wasn't me who was spamming. It was HunterDad on his fake nutgobbler_ account. He sent me the following message today:

"Hey bitch this is Hunterdad, I spammed a little on this profile and gave matt the link to your profile and got you banned! Next time you're going to be deleted. So you might not want to fuck with me anymore. Because I DO have that kind of power on here. If you know what's good for you, you'll log off and never come back to again.Don't even try to persuade anyone otherwise. Everyone already thinks this profile is really you just trying to get some attention."

he probably deleted his fake account. He's such a little bastard. What happened is he signed on his fake account posing as me and spammed the shit out of this place, then reported me to his faggot admin friend Matt. If you would, just post that email I sent you so everyone can read it and know the true HunterDad. Trust me, he has several fake accounts, including one for you and does the same thing to them all. He must be stopped.


HE MUST BE STOPPED! hahahahahah Seriously?

Whether or not you are allowed to comment on a website isn't worth losing sleep over. It shouldn't hurt so badly that you start to conceive wild and crazy schemes to try and "make someone look bad" or "get someone in e-trouble". I mean, serioulsy.... How does this shit become so damn serious to people?

The admins here aren't stupid... They can see every comment, PM, and profile message posting. Hell, every time you thumb-up a comment, a reference is made to your profile. It's all trackable. If they banned you, they did it because they SAW what you did wrong. If they deleted your profile for spamming it was because they SAW YOU SPAMMING.

If you love this website so much, why be such a dickhead to the admins? Why be such an asshole to those who can tear apart your only link to breathing human beings (besides WoW)? Why constantly comment about them being faggots and shit?

Every comment he has made since he signed back up after being deleted (for spam) was referencing how PISSED he was for losing all his e-buddies (he had 300!). He was so angry about this, and was convinced that I did it, all he can comment about is how much he hates me. He uses my real name too, like that will hurt. "Brandon this, Brandon that..." Hundreds of comments about "HunterDad likes to fuck his little son in the ass...." " Brandon is HunterDad and he is a fucking piece of shit who fucks children..."

I mean come on.... Seriously? If a website gets you sooooo riled up that you say this kind of twisted shit, out of anger, and not to be funny, you might be in trouble, psychologically.

Please get out and find something to do with your time. I worry for the pets in your neighborhood, and when you are older and start venturing out from the basement, I will worry about the kids in your neighborhood. This can't end well for you.

Please seek help...

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