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I am NOT gay I will NEVER be gay becuz fags poop skittles and taste like rainbows but IF I was suckeds in a parallel universe where I was a man and all women were sex slaves in the world I would get Angelina Jolie , Cameron Diaz, Jessica alba, Britney Spores that chick from That 70âs show, ALL the Victoria Secret supermodels , and a clone of myself.. .IN this Realm chicks are mute ,clothes donât exist , and everyone is a virgin ,ill make them jump up and down up and down and I would rub there tittys to check if they have cancer , then I would sit back and relax and we will have sexy time , and before I go back to the real world Ill bring them with me and sell them on eBay. â¦.then ill be richer then Bill Gates and ill never have to type a FUCKING BLOG ever again.. Amen The endâ¦
angie111 Uploaded 12/14/2008
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