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What is Your Annoyance?


Earlier there was a blog about what your pet peeve is in real life. This is the net version.

--Blogging for eReps?


--Idiots from /b/ 4chan?

--Is it poepel tthat cna't splel?

--How about the people that have no regard for punctuation no matter how long their statement or question is they just keep on going and going typing about nonsensical bullshit until their fingers break or their clogged arteries cause them to have a heart at...

--Maybe it is the 1337 $p34|{3r$

--Possibly it is the people who triple and sometimes quadruple post on message boards?

--The cpeople who constantly spout out cool websites like but it is actually a Rick Roll?

--Maybe it is people who talk about getting high because they think it will make them cool? It is the internet retards, 99% of us are high or have been high at one point.

--Maybe it is the FAIL or UBER-FAIL or FAKE people?

--How about people that say pwn, or pwned?

--WoW players that think they are cool? You aren't, you are fucking losers.

--People who post demotivators, of other demotivators?

--Maybe the people that claim to have mastered 4 martial arts and are bodybuilders?

--Memes and memers?

--The internet rules, aka, more idiocy from 4chan?

Feel free to add your own.

I am NoHate and I hate you.

NoHate Uploaded 12/14/2008
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