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I love the smell..............


I love the smell of cookie dough in the morning it smells like.........well cookies dumb shit. Fifteen dozen more and I am done, I am inserting in all cookie delivery's that I am retired and I know I said that the last three years but I mean it this time. OK I dont mean it but it sounded good anyway. How about all you ebaumers out there anybody else having a hard time getting it up? I am talking about the Christmas spirit, I swear you little kids and your minds in the gutter. I just dont seem to be able to feel it this year and I am never about the material things anyway, maybe it will feel more like it when my daughter gets home on Thursday. I am glad to see Blue back on although he really knows nothing about politics but hey we feel how we feel right?


Out of practice and once again thanks for reading Bohank

bohankeeton Uploaded 12/14/2008
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