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Lyrically mis-informed


So i have recently made a foray into the world of karaoke.

Seeing the lyrics to some songs put into text made me realise just how shit the lyrics to some songs are. It also allowed me to see how often i, or people i know, have misheard lyrics.

In a radio phone in about this exact subject of misheard lyrics a few years ago i remember there were some great misheard lyrics including;

"I've got shoes, They're made of plywood" from You're The One That I Want from that Grease movie.

"Excuse me while i kiss this guy" some Jimi Hendrix song.

What are some lyrics that you have misheard or have heard mis-quoted which made you shit your pants (or laugh, whatever)??

GregFafashoonoo Uploaded 12/15/2008
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