If You Aren't Black, Read This

Ok people, I'm writing this blog because I realized that alot of white people or any other races keep saying the phrases "I'm not racist" or "I have black friends" or the hilarious classic "No Offense". Lol ok people, if you have to justify what you are saying so you don't get slapped don't say it or say it with out the "justification." Just say it to my face and I won't have a problem with it because it's your opinion. If you have something racist to say like i don't like black people, just say and don't act all p-whipped and think I'm gonna shoot you or something. I don't know if this will work with most black people, but this will work for me becasue i don't get into all that racist bullshit because it's an annoying cycle that will never end. I just wanted to let some people know that not all people of a certain race act the same to certain situations so you don't have to get all politically correct and shit when you talk about certain issues. All right that's all I have to say, I wanna know what you guys think.................

Uploaded 12/17/2008
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