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Getting Featured


So I like everyone else on here get some pleasure out of being featured, its fun, and racks up those precious eReps. But I also know that, the majority of people on here don't upload original material, I found it somewhere else like everyone else.

I also know that I have no right to complain about uploading something, then someone else uploading the same thing and getting featured. Its the nature of the system. The eBaums staff have better things to do then jump around for everyone who cries foul when someone else gets featured for someone elses work. It sucks but thats the nature of things.

Also what gripes me are those people who get all feature crazy like uploading 20+ videos a day. I did that but then again I also didn't have a job at the time.

So allĀ  that said, it sucks when someone gets featured and you don't but unless you made the video yourself just relax, take a breather, and find something even funnier next time.

mynameisnobody Uploaded 12/18/2008
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